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Quality and Environmental Care

Our integrated business principles, which reflect the commitments made by Executive Management with regard to the environment, safety and quality, are:

  • COPEINCA reflects its responsible actions in all its activities, ensuring satisfaction of its customers and the health and safety of its collaborators with regard to the environment.
  • COPEINCA undertakes to maintain an Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, based on international standards, driven by the principle of continuous improvement to obtain the best product quality.
  • COPEINCA ensures the traceability of its products and optimizes processes for the satisfaction of customers, collaborators, suppliers, the community, the government and shareholders and to prevent the contamination of our environment; ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements we must comply with.

Moreover, preservation of the environment is one of COPEINCA most important commitments. Our industrial processes involve a number of factors and conditions that interact with the environment, ranging from the use of resources such as oil and water and the generation of wastes to our atmosphere (through emissions and particulate material), as well as effluents and solid wastes.

Our Company has effluent treatment Systems in place, which mitigate any possible impact. This system is known as Programa de Adecuacion de Manejo Ambiental PAMA (Environmental Management Adequacy Plan), which we manage and monitor in order to obtain maximum efficiency.

We are currently undergoing a technological improvement process to optimize our impacts, which is supported on investments that will enable us to not only mitigate but also eliminate any potential impact on the environment, whether it is water or air.

On the other hand, we are supported by companies specialized in the management of hazardous solid wastes that could damage the environment, whether it is the soil, air or water. In this way, we manage wastes at COPEINCA seeking the highest efficiency and recycling them.