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Main Sustainability Issues

In COPEINCA we currently work towards:

  • The Wellbeing of the Community and Employees :
    Contributing with the development of their quality of life, promoting elements that offer tranquility and human satisfaction.
  • Environmental Management – Care for the environment and Anchovy Protection :
    Reducing the environmental impact that different activities of the company generate, working with the highest standards of environmental efficiency and sustainable development, so that the biodiversity defends itself. We promote protection activities to the Biomass and preserve the Anchovy resource in time.
  • Quality Assurance and Product Traceability :
    Constantly satisfying the client needs and having the ability to know the exact location and path of the product along its productive chain in a specific moment. Develop products, improving constantly its quality so that they satisfy the consumers needs.
  • Creation and Protection of Shared Value :
    Carrying out activities that generate long-term competitiveness, developing skills for the society and minimizing negative impacts for the environment. Both parts must always win.
  • Reputation Management :
    Constructing positive beliefs and feelings to stakeholders, by means of the creation and protection of the shared value.

To assure the fulfillment of these issues, COPEINCA has constituted in every plant an IMS (Integrated Management System) Committee represented by members of the company and employees. These committees contemplate safety topics, environment, social responsibility, production, among others.

Likewise, please find the close relations between our sustainability issues, COPEINCA Corporate Values, the Millennium Goals, the United Nations Global Compact Principles and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators the ones we annually use to report our economic, environmental and social performance.

In the chart below please find the progress of each of the sustainability issues of the year. Clic here to download the PDF file.