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Ministry of Transport and Communications thanks Copeinca – CFG


We are happy and proud to share with all, the gratitude of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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Delicious fish to fight stress

Trome Newspaper / General / Page 6

Eating fish after labor can prevent postpartum depression. Therefore, specialists recommend mummies to eat horse mackerel, anchovy, mackerel and bonito fish, which are rich in Omega 3, a fatty acid that helps women during pregnancy.

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Try to improve quality of employment

El Peruano Daily Paper / Law / Page 11

The Ministry of Labor and Promotion of Employment (MTPE, in Spanish) implemented a new working group addressed to fishing companies in order to promote public-private alliances to collaborate in the generation of jobs and to improve the quality of employment in this activity. Among other companies, Copeinca also participated in this working group.

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The fair of commitments in favor of environment

Stakeholders Magazine / 11 Expo RSE Peru 2021 / Page 46-49

The EXPO RSE counted with the participation of more than 60 companies from different sectors, among which there are CFG Investment and Copeinca.

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COPEINCA builds child-family recreational park in Chimbote

Gestión – Suplemento Desarrollo Pesquero / Pág. 04

A recreational park was built for children's amusement and to promote an adequate healthy environment in communities near the Chimbote plant. 

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