Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Our Commitment to Sustainability


In 2005, COPEINCA conducted an initial mapping at a managerial level to determine the main Stakeholders of the company. It conducted afterwards an image evaluation to count with the contribution of these stakeholders in the development and success of the SR policies that are prepared by the company.

Throughout 2012, the work with Fishmeal and Fish Oil Manufacturers Associations (APROs, in Spanish), which introduce themselves as independent stakeholders in order to strengthen the management of the associations, has been reinforced. This inclusion was due to the active participation of the company during 2011, as well as to the commitments taken on for 2012.

In the discussion tables conducted with the main stakeholders, the active participation of the communities located next to the plants, as well as the union representatives, regional government, governmental fishing institutions, fish-culture people and press, could be noted. These discussion tables, as well as the biannual survey of perceptions and image are vital tools for the inclusion of stakeholders that are relevant for the company.