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Main Sustainability Issues


Following find the details regarding some of the social programs performed by COPEINCA.

Corporate Volunteering – EcoBusiness School Program
In its third edition, the School EcoBusiness Program has been part of the COPEINCA family. It has the support of the Sustainable Development Promotion Institute (IPES, in ), the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment, and its main objective is to strengthen the skills regarding knowledge of reality, market functioning, sustainable economic administration with the environment and managerial and leadership skills of the young schoolchildren.

An important piece in the development of this program is the employees. They participate through the COPEINCA Voluntary Enlistment’. Eighteen (18) volunteers participated during 2012 in the development of each of the EcoBusinesses that the company supports.

Fishmeal and Fish Oil Manufacturers Associations (APROs, in Spanish)
The APROs constitute a support front for the fishing companies. For COPEINCA, they are a support that allows channeling a proper social and environmental management with the main stakeholders near all the processing plants located by the shoreline.

This important strategic ally develops annually an intervention plan with the aim to generate well-being in the less-favored communities that are near the ports where Copeinca is present. This plan is reviewed and validated in order to begin the year with social development and assistance programs. The associated fishing companies must pay a fee monthly in order the plan to work. COPEINCA has contributed by way of this matter with USD 180,300 during 2012.

Not all the APROs have currently the same level of implementation due to the date of incorporation of each one. However, we are working to be able to reach a same level of formality and impact in all of them. COPEINCA currently chairs APROCHIMBOTE and APROSECHURA. These have been the more representative activities in each association during this year:


  • During 2012, the suspension of APROSUR activities was decided in order to organize APROILO, whose impact and management are focused on the city of Ilo.
  • Beach cleaning campaign was conducted in September with the support of the NGO Vida.
  • Together with the Regional Government of Tacna, this APRO will invest in a coastal lab in order to conduct studies for the repopulation of bivalves in the interest of craft fisherpeople from the region.


  • The company Aproferrol S.A. will be created in order to channel the contributions of the shareholders for the construction of the submarine emitter and the central station of the Chimbote Bay, and also for the maintenance, operation and management services.
  • El Ferrol Bay Environmental Recovery Plan was approved. The Ministry of the Environment (MINAM, in Spanish) will be in charge of its implementation.
  • The II Forum of El Ferrol Bay Recovery “Responsabilidad de todos” (“Responsibility of all”), which comprised the beaches of the Miramar, La Florida, Señor de los Milagros and Ramiro Prialé towns, and the 27 de Octubre industrial area.


  • Several celebrations with institutions due to anniversaries, national holidays, etc. were carried out.
  • APROCHICAMA bet to culture and displayed the Symphony Orchestra of Pacasmayo.
  • Permanent beach cleaning campaigns.
  • Promotion of civil defense activities: installation of crossing gates and video-surveillance cameras for monitoring and control.
  • Agreement with SENATI for developing marine craftsmanship, welding and gastronomy workshops for the community.


  • Beach cleaning campaign with the support of the Harbor Master’s Office and the Municipality of Sechura.
  • Multisector and interinstitutional meetings in order to promote the construction of the micro-landfill in the area.
  • Monthly discussion tables to generate strategic alliances with fish cultura people.
  • Presence in the Sechura Bay Management Committee in order to treat environmental issues in the interest of the community.


  • Beach cleaning campaign with the support of the NGO Vida.
  • Chancay Dock change-of-defenses and wharf repair project for the fishing companies of the area and dock users.

Project in the “27 de Octubre” Community of Chimbote – Stromme Foundation and NGO Tierra de Niños.
COPEINCA has bet and contributed to the development of the neighborhood families, identifying the suggested lines of action in order to promote dialogue among the key groups of the community and analyze their problems, needs, practices, knowledge, feelings and attitudes.

From the strategic alliance signed with the Stromme Foundation and the NGO Tierra de Niños, ten (10) working sessions were conducted with the “27 de Octubre” community throughout the year in order to strengthen the bonds with them. From the participative diagnosis that was carried out toward the end of 2011, we shared with the community the results obtained and the projects that resulted from the study to clear the way for the prioritization of activities. For that and to guarantee an articulated development with the community, we decided to support them in the preparation of their Local Development Plan articulated to the District and Regional Development Plan in order them to aligned with national policies and budgets and be able to be formally included in the local priorities. A sustained training plan was also designed to develop social management and leadership skills in the community leaders and inhabitants. This plan considered and prioritized the needs and interests.

After establishing measurement parameters and indicators and submitting each project to validation and votation, it was chosen to work in:

Technical-legal support for obtaining title deeds Under process Two specialist lawyers have been put at the disposal of the inhabitants to delimit and mend properties.
Technical-legal support for implementation of sewage projects Executed A community development plan was submitted.
Construction of a child-family recreation ground Executed Recreation space that allows a healthy leisure time. Work inaugurated on October 27, 2012.
Implementation of a security booth 2013 Management It will allow to control the access of trailers and crooks to prevent accidents and thefts.
Healthy Housing Project 2013 Management Training and implementation of improvements in community habits and customs.