Nuestro Compromiso con la Sostenibilidad

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Nuestro compromiso con la sostenibilidad

Principios empresariales

COPEINCA is a company dedicated to the fishmeal and fish oil processing, and has the following business principles that guide the work done and how to interact with society:

Human Management
COPEINCA recognizes the commitment that exists with its partners to establish best working conditions that allow the welfare and professional and personal development in a favorable internal environment ensuring the fulfillment of our vision, mission and values. It also offers ongoing training opportunities and identifies and recognizes outstanding contributors.

Risk Management
In COPEINCA we have implemented an integrated risk management, with the objective of preserving the integrity of its resources and increase competitive advantage and ensure business continuity; against different internal and external risks to which the company is exposed. Risk management is a process affected by the Board, management and all employees in general, under Risk Management Manual Company and based on the COSO ERM methodology.

COPEINCA is convinced that the consolidation and development of its operation must be based on business objectives and ethical principles applied in relations with customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society in general. The high ethics and integrity ensure our credibility with all our stakeholders and COPEINCA expects all its employees to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Honesty, dignity, respect, loyalty, propriety, efficiency, transparency and awareness of ethical principles are the highest values that guide COPEINCA´s relationship with its stakeholders.

Social Development and Community Relations
COPEINCA is aimed at balancing the impacts of its industry, enhancing the positive impacts that add value to the company and society. To ensure this, we perform activities in the communities within our area of influence, fostering synergistic relationships, ethics and trust between the company, the people, the local, regional and national social organizations and others involved, establishing lasting relationships, continuous dialogue and mutual respect with our neighbors. 

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety
COPEINCA, reflects its responsible act in all its activities, ensuring customer satisfaction, health and safety of its employees and respect for the environment.

Through the compliance with guidelines based on international standards, COPEINCA is committed to maintaining an Integrated Management System, including Quality Management, Environmental Management, Responsible management of fishing resources and the Occupational Health and Safety, according to the following commitments:

  • Work based on the principle of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of implemented management systems.
  • Streamline processes from capture fishery resource to the distribution of products to improve the quality of products and services, ensuring the safety and traceability.
  • Prevent pollution protecting the environment and reducing environmental impacts.
  • Prevent injuries and illnesses, applying controls to reduce the risks.
  • Prevent illegal activities related to the international supply chain (smuggling, drug trafficking, theft and terrorism) byadequately managing the risks.
  • Maintain a positive and responsible relationship with employees and their representatives through consultation and participation in the management of occupational health and safety, as well as with suppliers, community, government, shareholders and the preservation of the anchovy.
  • Comply with the applicable laws, internal rules and other requirements made by the organization in the field of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.

These commitments are promoted from senior management and communicated to all employess and those working on behalf of the organization.